“Coexisting Is Not An Option” - Island Eye News

It’s been two years since coyotes first showed up on Isle of Palms, but if the new mayor Jimmy Carroll gets his way their days on our island paradise are numbered. Carroll told Island Eye News that he feels strongly the previous council’s policy to co-exist with the creatures is not working, despite having been on that council. “I have a clear and accurate picture that coexisting is not going to work,” he said. “Because we are seeing more and more coyotes around the island. We’ve even seen an animal attacked in front of its owner. They’re becoming more brazen,” he said. “If we know the population is growing and we don’t do something about it then we are failing.”

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Sullivan's Island Town Hall Taking Shape - The Island Eye News

As the Town of Sullivan’s Island approaches its bicentennial next year, it will finally have its very own Town Hall.

The Town of Moultrieville was incorporated in December 1817,” explained Town Administrator Andy Benke, while standing in front of the nearly completed $3.9 million building. “It’s taken almost 200 years to get a real town hall.”


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Dottie Is Coming Home - The Island Eye News

Dorothea Benton Frank

Author’s new book an ode to returning to Sullivan’s Island

By Jennifer Tuohy, Island Eye News Editor

Photos by Steve Rosamilia


When Dorothea Benton Frank talks to you—whether face to face, while you sit in a crowd of adoring fans, or as you read one of her books—you feel like she’s your best friend. But not just any best friend. She is that best friend. The one you’ve always wanted; fun, vivacious, kind and above all, side-splittingly funny.

Her wit is worthy of a standup comedy routine, but in its home on the pages of her novels it is free to run rampant, losing only that gorgeous Southern drawl in translation.

The 64-year-old Sullivan’s Island native has made a career out of that wit, writing about the pluses and pitfalls of life in the South, specifically life in South Carolina, even more specifically life on Sullivan’s Island. There’s no shortage of material. The author of 17 books over a career that started in her early 40s.


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