Building my son's first tool box -

Tool Box

One of the first "big boy" toys I bought for my son was this Handyman Workbench. He was 18 months and just walking, and he loved to stand at it and hammer away with the plastic tools.

As Owen got older, he started to eye dad's "real" toolbox with increasing interest, and would love to watch him as he worked on projects, even something as simple as replacing a light bulb.

When daddy deemed him old enough and responsible enough, he took him to the hardware store to buy his first tool. It was a surprisingly touching experience.

When they got home, the pride and joy emanating from his face struck me deeply, and I realized what an important rite of passage this was. It wasn't just about helping daddy build things; it was a first step towards become a responsible young man.

Here are some ideas and tips to help you navigate your child's first experience with tools and building things, beyond Lego.

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