Essential Tech Tools for Telecommuting

Telecommuting is fast becoming part of the mainstream workforce.  If you’re considering a career change that allows telecommuting or planning to implement a remote workflow into your current job, these tech tools will help make cutting the office cord work for you, and – more importantly – for your employer.

A Tablet Turns the World Into Your Office

Thanks to technology, the choice is no longer between a germ-ridden communal office and the isolation of a home office. With a tablet, today’s telecommuter can work from anywhere there’s a really good WiFi or LTE signal. Hooked up to the office via a remote access program such as GoToMyPC or LogMeIn, a tablet can free you from a desk 90 percent of the time. Depending on your office eco-system, the choice is likely between Apple’s iPad, which works far better as a productivity device than it was ever intended to do, and Microsoft’s Surface 2, which, when equipped with LTE in early 2014, looks set to become the darling of telecommuters everywhere.

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