The Real Financial and Emotional Cost of Cutting the Cord

What’s the best thing about moving to a new house? Getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter that’s accumulated over the years. The second best thing? Trimming the fat off your utility bills. A new home offers the perfect opportunity for shopping around and getting the best deals on utilities, home services and that biggie: your cable bill.

It is also the best time to try out the concept of cord-cutting. I had been toying with the idea of ditching my monthly cable bill for a few years, but a move across the country was the impetus I needed to start from scratch. Faced with the bill for a 3,000-mile relocation and a 12-month lease on a lovely but ridiculously overpriced home in Mount Pleasant, S.C., I told my family of four that cable had to go – at least for the next year.

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