8 Tech Tools for Taking Control of Tax Time - Yahoo Finance

The first time I did my own taxes I almost fainted. I owed Uncle Sam $475.34. To my 24-year-old self, that was a fortune. What had I done wrong? Why was I being punished? Once I got over the shock, I sought out some expert advice and came away with two mandates: Get educated about which tax breaks you are entitled to and get organized. Every year since, I’ve received a substantial check from Uncle Sam.

While you’ll have to seek out a much more number-friendly person than myself for tax advice, if you’re still emptying a shoebox of receipts come tax time, I’ve got some great tech tools for taking control of tax time and keeping you organized year-round. After all, there’s no use throwing everything in that shoebox and then panicking on April 14. Use some, or all of the following apps on your smartphone and tablet every day this year and you (or your accountant) will be as cool as a cucumber come April 15.