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Smartphones give you the ability to get things done no matter where you are, and they are quickly becoming an essential part of conducting business. But distracting notifications can take your attention away from what you’re doing and make it difficult to focus.

A study by the University of Texas at Austin found that the mere presence of your smartphone reduces “available cognitive capacity and impairs cognitive functioning, even though people feel they’re giving their full attention and focus to the task at hand.”

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XFINITY | Best Cellphone Plans for Kids & Teens

Handing your child their own cellphone is a big parenting step. It can open up a whole new world to your kids (one which requires much vigilance on your part), but it can also be just a simple tool to help you stay in touch. The right cellphone plan for your child will depend on what they use it for. Here’s an age-by-age guide to choosing a phone and phone plan for your child. 

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Take your Apple, Windows or cross-platform workplace virtual

Creating a virtual workplace is full of challenges. Here's how to make the shift to a virtual workplace that both takes the end user into careful consideration and helps you sleep at night. 

Telecommuting is no longer just a way to let employees work in their pajamas. It's a way to free them from the confines of a desk, and hopefully increase productivity and efficiency. For the IT Manager, creating a virtual workplace starts with finding the simplest mobile solution for document management and file sharing.

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