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House Hunting

Whether you’re looking to buy or build a new home, just starting your home search, or deep in the process of finding your forever home, your phone can be a portal to all the information you need. From honing in on the perfect location to getting alerts when new listings hit the market, these tips for digital home searching can help you find your perfect home from the palm of your hand.

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XFINITY | The New Rules of Switching Mobile Phone Carriers

Phone “plans” have completely changed. Today, we consumers have multiple choices, lots more flexibility, plus the freedom to get a new phone when we want one, not on someone else’s timetable. Here are the new rules of switching carriers, plus the simple five-step way you can make a switch. 

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5 Signs You Need a New Phone

There are those who rush out to buy the hot new phone every 6 to 12 months, and there are the rest of us who are perfectly happy to keep soldiering on with an aging device because, well, it still works. 

But does it really? Today’s phones aren’t about making phone calls anymore (although of course you can still do that). We use them for so much more: they’re our cameras, maps, photo albums, music players, and our connection to the social media world. When you think about all the functions they offer and conveniences they bring, it’s easier to consider “upgrading” when they’re not working so well anymore, or when they’re simply not providing the latest and greatest features.

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The Ultimate Guide: Protecting Your Kids Online - Modern Parents Messy Kids

Children using the internet is a modern parenting dilemma.

How can we let them enjoy and benefit from this world-changing, infinitely educational tool that can span the globe in seconds while also protecting them from its potential dangers? Setting aside the issue of how much “screen time” children should have, here we will look at how to make that screen time safe, fun and productive—whether you are thinking of letting your preschooler play with your iPad or considering buying a computer or smartphone for your pre-teen.

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How to work from the beach, or anywhere you need to be

Technology has transformed telecommuting from a drab agoraphobic life, where your cat and your pajamas are your only creature comforts, into a multi-tasking, jet-setting lifestyle whose only tie is to a strong data connection. Whether you’re running your coffee-roasting business from a smartphone while traversing the globe in search of the perfect bean or you just don’t want to have to pull your kids away from their sandcastle to go sign off on that proof, it is possible to cut the office cord and maintain your productivity and professionalism.

When I said goodbye to the cramped office where I worked as a magazine editor for 8 years and dragged my family of four cross-country to Charleston, South Carolina, all it took was a few pieces of hardware and a lot of organization to enable me to write, edit and produce the magazine sans office. And yes, some of that work was done on a beach.

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Take your Apple, Windows or cross-platform workplace virtual

Creating a virtual workplace is full of challenges. Here's how to make the shift to a virtual workplace that both takes the end user into careful consideration and helps you sleep at night. 

Telecommuting is no longer just a way to let employees work in their pajamas. It's a way to free them from the confines of a desk, and hopefully increase productivity and efficiency. For the IT Manager, creating a virtual workplace starts with finding the simplest mobile solution for document management and file sharing.

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