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Not worried about someone hacking your smartphone? From 2015 to 2016, mobile device malware infections jumped 96%, and mobile ransomware surged 415% in 2017. Smartphone infections currently account for 72% of all mobile virus infections.

Take a moment and think about what a person could learn if they had access to your phone. From bank details to family photos, important emails to social media accounts — an hour with your phone and someone could effectively gain access to all areas of your life.

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XFINITY | Tethering & Hotspots: How to Stay Connected Wherever You Go

Thanks to our smartphones, we’re always connected: We can keep in touch with the office from the beach, check our email in the school pick-up line, or post a picture of our lunch to social media just for fun. But what about the rest of our devices? When we’re not connected to our office or home Internet, how do we get our laptops and tablets online? Here we’ll look at how to use WiFi hotspots and smartphone tethering to make sure that wherever you go, whichever device you want to use, you can always stay connected.

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XFINITY | The New Rules of Switching Mobile Phone Carriers

Phone “plans” have completely changed. Today, we consumers have multiple choices, lots more flexibility, plus the freedom to get a new phone when we want one, not on someone else’s timetable. Here are the new rules of switching carriers, plus the simple five-step way you can make a switch. 

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