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The phrase “latchkey kid” was a popular one among my generation — the first where many families boasted two working parents. Coming home from school to an empty house was a pretty common occurrence for many of my school friends. However, thanks to smart door locks, today’s latchkey kids can dispense with the key entirely and parents can dispense with the worry over whether their children made it home safely!

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5 Ways Smart Home Tech Can Keep Your Kids Safe | Parenting Squad

Home security once felt like a boring, expensive concept — call up a legacy security company, hand over a pile of cash, and then forget about it until disaster strikes (or your daughter sneaks in through the back window and sets it off at 2 a.m.).

Before you had kids, home security was probably one of those things you thought you should have, but never got around setting up. But once you have a family, that parental urge to fiercely protect your young finally drives you to open your wallet.

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Seven Ways a Smart Home Can Help a New Mom |

Despite the copious amount of reading you will do and advice you will receive, there is little a new mom can do to truly prepare for those first few months of motherhood. It is a time that will surprise, delight, terrify and change you in so many ways. Once that precious little bundle of joy arrives in your home, your whole world will turn upside down. However, thanks to modern technology, there are some systems you can put in place in your home to make that initial transition into motherhood a little bit smoother.

Today’s houses are increasingly becoming “smart homes,” where appliances, lighting, electronics and security systems are all connected to each other and the Internet. This allows you to control them remotely, and, in some cases, even allows them to control each other.

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