TriplePundit: Choosing An Eco-Friendly Office Fridge

As the CEO of an ethical, sustainable and hopefully profitable business, you’ve worked hard to ensure that your company leaves the lightest possible footprint on the planet, right? Good. Now how about the place where you do all that great work from?

If you’re a loyal reader of TriplePundit, you’ve probably already set up your office Green Team, which has doubtless deployed countless recycling bins, ensured the building is lit with LED throughout and created a composting program in the office kitchen that you boast about at conferences. But have they, and you, overlooked the biggest energy hog of them all? We’re talking about the office refrigerator.


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RealtyTimes: The Smart Home Starter Kit

2014 has roundly been hailed as the year the home gets smart. If you've thought about dabbling in home automation but found the array of devices, systems, gadgets and price points just too overwhelming, you are not alone. While the concept of a home that is smarter than its owner is both thrilling and slightly scary, in reality, what most of us want out of our smart homes is simple: security, savings and a dash of convenience.

Manufacturers are catching on to this consumer desire, and have come up with a variety of simple, stand-alone smart gadgets that get you a step closer to the home of the future, without the need for a computer science degree.


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Yahoo Finance: 7 iPad Apps for Mother's Day

We all want to make Mom feel like a million bucks this Mother’s Day, but we can’t all afford to break the bank to do so. Plus, chances are that Mom doesn’t want a big, expensive present. She probably wants something thoughtful and personal. Traditionally, thoughtful and personal was also difficult and time-consuming. But with the help of your iPad, you can now easily and quickly create a low-cost, heartfelt gift, or seek out a special treat for a special discount. Here are some apps to help you pick a Mother’s Day gift.

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edcMag: Is Your Lumber Truly Green?

Part of the floor you walk on and the roof over your head, wood is an essential ingredient in any home. It is also crucial to the sustainability of the planet. Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere, provide habitat for wildlife, prevent soil erosion and are an essential part of the water cycle. However, the loss of the world's forests to logging has escalated dramatically over the last century, and it is estimated that within a hundred years all the planet's natural forests will be gone.

This doesn't mean that eco-minded consumers need to jettison plans for beautiful hardwood floors or durable decks from their remodels. What it means is that sourcing the most sustainable wood for any wood-based home improvement project is more imperative than ever.


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Yahoo Finance: How to Own an iPhone Without Paying for It

Want to know a secret? You don’t have to pay upward of $70 a month for the rest of your life to own the top of the line iPhone. For years, cell phone companies have conditioned us into believing an outlay of $200 and a sky-high monthly contract is the only way to stay on top of today’s technology. But 2014 is the year of the consumer, and competition is blowing the smartphone field wide open. With these money saving tips, you can shave dollars off your monthly communications bills while still holding the latest device in your hot little hands.


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EcoSeed: Why a HE Washing Machine is Better for the Planet and your Pocket

A lot of eco-friendly options for the home come with a hefty up-front price tag, tempered by the promise of a long-term payout. Few more so than high efficiency washing machines, which can run up to $1,000 more than their lower efficiency counterparts. However, the high efficiency washer is an excellent example of how, by spending more to be green, you save more; both for the planet and your pocket.

Replacing your old washer with a high efficiency front loading model saves on water, electricity, plastic, clothing and, in the long run, money. According to Consumer Reports "an inefficient machine can cost an added $130 or more to operate per year than [the] most efficient models."


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SustainaBlog: How To Buy an Energy Efficient Fridge

How to Buy an Energy Efficient Fridge (in 2014)

Advances in technology have transformed refrigerators from giant energy hogs into smaller energy piglets. While still responsible for about 13 percent of your home’s energy use, fridges have ditched bulky insulation for slim line panels, drastically cutting down on their consumption and giving us much more space for the energy we use.

Because of these and other advances, holding off on replacing that “vintage” piece in your kitchen is actually hurting Mother Nature. You may be doing her a bigger favor by replacing it with an Energy Star model, and saving yourself the equivalent of enough energy to light your home for four months. Still not convinced? Try out this Refrigerator Retirement Calculator for the cold hard numbers.


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A Walk Through The History of Sun Valley...

One of my passions is history, and I've been lucky enough to get to write about the history of one of America's oldest ski resorts, Sun Valley, Idaho. Recently I completed the first historical walking tour for the resort. Read about it in my blog post here

Take a walk through Sun Valley’s history

Did you know Groucho Marx was married in the Sun Room? Or that Ernest Hemingway penned For Whom The Bell Tolls in Suite 206? How about the fact that the Hokey Pokey was invented in The Ram? Or that one building at the resort has its foundation’s in Rome’s Coliseum? Historical tidbits such as these and many more can be discovered in Sun Valley’s new historical walking tour, “If These Walls Could Talk.”

The three part tour takes in the interior of the Sun Valley Lodge, the buildings of Sun Valley Village, and historical points of note around the resort’s grounds. Designed to help guests discover one of the most unique elements of a visit to the oldest destination ski resort in the country; its history, the tour delves into popular stories from the resort’s past, as well as revealing some lesser known ones. (The hotel was almost called Ski Haven and early guests scaled Bald Mountain in a “tank.”)

I was lucky enough to have the honor of researching and writing this tour for Sun Valley, and I hope you have as much fun walking through it as I did writing it. 

For history buffs and lovers of Sun Valley however, time is of the essence. Sun Valley Company is undertaking an extensive remodel of the Lodge, beginning in April. The building, originally constructed in 1936, is about to undergo a complete refresh; including refurbishing the guest rooms and updating the lobby, restaurant and other amenities.

So, for one more stroll the Lodge’s history before its facelift, come visit before the workmen move in later this year. Of course, the history will still be there when the new Lodge is revealed in the summer of 2015 – the Holding family, owners of the resort, have stressed that the character of the historic building will be carefully retained. But one thing that won’t be retained is the iconic Lodge Dining Room. The 78-year-old eatery is making way for a state-of-the-art, 20,000 square foot spa facility. The work begins here next month, and the room where Ginger Rogers once tap danced and David O’Selznick punched a banker to preserve the honor of Claudette Colbert will take its final bow.

Jennifer Tuohy

Pick up a copy of the self-guided walking tour at the concierge desk in Sun Valley Lodge. Or, if you can’t make it to the resort, read the tour on the blog:

Click here for Part One: The Sun Valley Lodge

Click here for Part Two: The Sun Valley Village 

Click here for Part Three: Sun Valley Resort

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I won 8 Idaho Press Club Awards - aww, shucks! Thanks guys.

Truly humbled to be honored by the Idaho Press Club Saturday night, with 8 awards in newspaper writing, magazine editing and blogging, including 4 First Places. 

2012 was the first year I wrote newspaper features full-time for the Idaho Mountain Express, and it was also my first year blogging for Sun Valley Resort, so it was especially exciting to be honored in both those categories.

2012 was also my final year as editor of the Sun Valley Guide. To receive the General Excellence award for the 7th time was incredibly important to me, and made for the perfect high note on which to end my near decade of work with Express Publishing. Here's hoping South Carolina will be as kind!

Weekly Newspaper

Serious Feature Report – Weekly Print

1st Jennifer Tuohy – Idaho Mountain Express – “It Was Absolutely Terrifying”

2nd Carissa Wolf – Boise Weekly – “Crimes of Hate”

3rd Jennifer Tuohy – Idaho Mountain Express – “Flying with Fire”

Light Feature Report – Weekly Print

1st Deanna Darr, Josh Gross, George Prentice, Adam Rosenlund, Sheree Whiteley – Boise Weekly – “Guide to the Apocalypse”

2nd Jennifer Tuohy – Idaho Mountain Express – “Born to ride: Baby Arrives on Highway 20”

3rd Tony Evans – Idaho Mountain Express – “Finding the real Santa Claus”

Health/Medical Reporting – Weekly Print

1st George Prentice -Boise Weekly – “Five Weeks”

2nd Rebecca Meany – Idaho Mountain Express – “Efforts Target Mental Health”

3rd Jennifer Tuohy – Idaho Mountain Express – “They don’t call it Sun Valley for Nothing”


General Excellence – Magazine

1st Jennifer Tuohy, Tony Barriatua – Sun Valley Guide – Sun Valley Guide Summer 2012

2nd Statesman Staff – Treasure Magazine – Idaho Statesman – Treasure Magazine – February 2012

3rd Michael McCoy – Teton Valley Magazine – Teton Valley Winter

Magazine Column

1st Jennifer Tuohy – Sun Valley Guide – “Snow: An Adaptation”

2nd Jennifer Tuohy – Sun Valley Guide – “Moving for a Mountain”

Online Media / Web Division

Best Blog

1st Jennifer Tuohy – Sun Valley Company – “The Valley Sun”

It was also excellent to see some of my colleagues recognized for their great work on the Sun Valley Guide:

Magazine Writing – Serious Feature

1st Greg Stahl – Sun Valley Guide – “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants"

 Website – General Excellence – Weekly

2nd Chris Seldon – Sun Valley Guide –